UC-CSU Knowledge Action Network 
for Transformative Climate and Sustainability Education and Action

Call for UC Collaborators

Note: Deadline has passed

We seek collaborators from all academic disciplines at University of California campuses who are interested in participating in an eight-month [January 2017-August 2017] UC-CSU collaboration to help build a pilot network of educators who will share skills, tools, and knowledge pertaining to the teaching of climate change, climate justice, carbon neutrality/greenhouse gas emissions reductions, and sustainability.

This knowledge action network (KAN) is nascent. By design, strategy informing the network’s process is emergent and dependent upon collaboration, from both UC and CSU faculty.  We aim for the network to provide California educators a collaborative space in which to share and find materials and best practices for integrative sustainability and climate education and action. The KAN will accelerate California educators’ abilities to offer climate change, climate justice, carbon neutrality/greenhouse gas emissions reductions, and sustainability education to all Californian students – from K-12 to college level – in ways that are culturally contextualized, responsive, and sustaining, as well as actionable and relevant to their futures. The network will also enable California educators to engage across and beyond our educational institutions and academic divisions [sciences, social sciences, humanities, and education] for transformative climate action over time.

Core Area Team positions have been filled. We are currently seeking Network Collaborators.

We are looking for faculty, lecturers, and staff with experience in teaching climate change, climate justice, carbon neutrality/greenhouse gas emissions reductions, and/or sustainability to different audiences from any disciplinary or interdisciplinary perspective. The pilot network will be comprised of four area teams. Each area team will be comprised of faculty, lecturers, and/or teaching staff from several CSU and UC campuses who will:

• Share information about their campus’s and their own relevant education and engagement practices.
• Collaboratively organize and participate in a one-two day workshop with other area team members in Winter or Spring 2017.
• Videotape a 15-minute presentation for a state-wide virtual conference in Spring 2017 on a relevant topic of the participant’s choice.
• Collaborate with network members to move forward shared goals beyond the pilot year.
• Contribute a summary of their activities and other content as needed for any post-pilot year action outputs, which may include production of policy advocacy or white papers, proposals for on-going network collaboration beyond pilot year, and a final report of completed pilot network activities.

We offer a stipend of $1000 for each core UC area team participant who completes the above.

By fall 2017, we anticipate that participants in the pilot network from across the UC and CSU campuses will:

1. Have a shared understanding of where their goals intersect across institutions.

2. Have begun to create the mechanisms, systems, and relationships needed to leverage each other’s resources, knowledge, and networks to achieve those shared goals (i.e., the beginnings of a network).

3. Have assessed what elements of their shared goals may benefit from coordinated state-level educational policy advocacy or resource allocation requests.

4. Feel more supported in developing or furthering their own education initiatives in the local context of their own campuses’ existing sustainability educational and operational strategies.

5. Have developed a robust statement of what culturally contextualized, responsive and sustaining, actionable and transformative climate and sustainability education means for California’s diverse student populations.

We are looking for Network Collaborators to join Core Area Team Participants in transforming the education of all California students in climate change issues. Network Collaborators will have the opportunity to connect with fellow educators and contribute to aforementioned project deliverables via an area team of UC and CSU representatives from their geographic region. 

The deadline for priority consideration for Core Area Team Members was midnight on Sunday, December 11, 2016. UC faculty, lecturers, and teaching staff who wish to participate in the KAN as Network Collaborators are encouraged to complete the interest form below. Please use this form to tell us more about yourself and your research interests so that we may connect you with an appropriate area team.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to email Project Director, Professor John Foran at foran@soc.ucsb.edu.

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