Ken Hiltner, UC Santa Barbara

Ken Hiltner created the Environmental Humanities Initiative to teach students and staff how they can use the humanities to understand our environment and mitigate climate change. 

Ken Hiltner, UC Santa Barbara2017-10-27T10:17:09-07:00

Steve Allison, UC Irvine

Steve Allison developed an integrative training program for climate scholars that utilizes the expertise of multi-disciplinary faculty and non-academic partners. These scholars will translate big ideas into tangible climate solutions.

Steve Allison, UC Irvine2017-10-03T10:39:37-07:00

Sue Carter, UC Santa Cruz

Sue Carter established the sustainability lab (S-lab) to promote reductions in carbon emissions and sustainable use of natural resources. The S-lab provides students with indoor and outdoor laboratory space and educational tools and resources.

Sue Carter, UC Santa Cruz2017-10-27T10:16:14-07:00

Michael Dawson, UC Merced

Mike Dawson created the LINES project (Leadership & INnovation in Environment and Sustainability) to connect campus leaders and the community. This project uses lines—such as shorelines, treelines, and skylines—to explore how climate change is affecting natural systems.

Michael Dawson, UC Merced2017-10-27T10:19:16-07:00

Alex Hall, UCLA

Alex Hall developed an educational and public outreach project to “downscale” information from global climate models. He is creating high-resolution projections of future climate at the neighborhood scale. This will give communities the knowledge of how climate change will affect them in their own backyards.

Alex Hall, UCLA2017-10-27T10:18:51-07:00

Gretchen Hofmann, UC Santa Barbara

Gretchen Hofmann created a team of climate change outreach specialists who are skilled in communication about issues important to the California coast.

Gretchen Hofmann, UC Santa Barbara2017-10-27T10:17:43-07:00

Kurt Kornbluth, UC Davis

Kurt Kornbluth works with UC Davis facilities management to identify on-campus opportunities for carbon reduction. He has also created new climate-focused, project-based curriculum through his collaborations with faculty from multiple disciplines.

Kurt Kornbluth, UC Davis2017-10-27T10:07:36-07:00

Claire Napawan, UC Davis

Claire Napawan expanded her collaborative work using social media to bring climate change awareness. With #OurChangingClimate she is encouraging diverse communities to critique their every day environment through the lens of climate change.

Claire Napawan, UC Davis2017-10-27T09:55:54-07:00

Mihri Ozkan, UC Riverside

Mihri Ozkan is leading a campus campaign to increase recycling rates to 100%. She hosts lectures across the UC system on green technology and is working with Riverside Public Utilities to increase public awareness of eco-friendly technologies.
Mihri Ozkan, UC Riverside2017-11-20T18:08:57-08:00

Robert Pomeroy, UC San Diego

Robert (Skip) Pomeroy collaborated with centers and faculty to use marine algae as a source of clean energy. With this algae-based biofuel, his team has built a surfboard and fueled a motorcycle. He will help us surf our way into a sustainable future.

Robert Pomeroy, UC San Diego2019-05-23T09:55:05-07:00
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