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Bold solutions: UCSB’s TomKat UC Carbon Neutrality Project to combat climate change

The University of California launched the TomKat UC Carbon Neutrality Project with a $300,000 gift from the TomKat Foundation which seeks to develop solutions to combat climate change. The project was introduced in June 2016 and aims to achieve zero net greenhouse gas emissions by 2025. Project director David Auston says, “the project will assemble multi-disciplinary

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Santa Barbara energy expert named 2015 Sustainability Champion

For his new and innovative kinds of collaborations between researchers and facilities managers systemwide, David Auston was awarded the University of California Sustainability Champion in 2015. The award honors his efforts on behalf of the UC Carbon Neutrality Project and the initiative’s ambitious goal of emitting zero-net greenhouse gases from operations by 2025. Read more

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Toward Carbon Neutrality

In 2015, the very first UC Summit on Carbon and Climate Neutrality was held at UC San Diego. The summit aimed to reduce greenhouse gases and address a variety of issues, including its goal to have all 10 campuses within the system be carbon neutral by 2025. As the conference program’s chair, David Auston noted

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Carbon Neutrality: The UC President’s Initiative to Achieve Zero Carbon Emissions by 2025

David Auston’s 2014-2015 seminar series discussing key features of the Initiative launched by President Janet Napolitano to achieve zero net carbon emissions by 2025 at all 10 campuses of the UC System. He also brings awareness about current and future trends of energy efficiency, renewables and alternative energy technologies, and economic and policy issues surrounding carbon emissions. 

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David Auston, UC Santa Barbara

David Auston is leading collaboration between scientists and stake-holders to apply innovative energy-saving, emission-reducing solutions. His leadership is helping achieve the UC Carbon Neutrality Initiative’s goal of reaching zero net carbon emissions by the year 2025.

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