In 2015, the very first UC Summit on Carbon and Climate Neutrality was held at UC San Diego. The summit aimed to reduce greenhouse gases and address a variety of issues, including its goal to have all 10 campuses within the system be carbon neutral by 2025. As the conference program’s chair, David Auston noted that research taking place at the UCs can be set as an example for the state and country. Previously, the state of California announced its climate targets to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to 40 percent below 1990 levels, shift California’s electricity production to at least 50 percent renewable sources, and increase building efficiency by 50 percent, all by 2030.

From the conference, Auston claims, “the University of California is a resource in this area, whose goals with regard to addressing climate change are very much aligned with the state’s goals. And as a resource, we can help the state achieve its goals as we are achieving our own for the 10 campuses.”