How to Make the UCTV Climate Solutions Channel Work for You

The UC Climate Solutions Channel is a video interface that showcases the progress the University of California community is making towards the goal of carbon neutrality by 2050. Scientists from across the UC system explain how they are addressing critical climate issues. These videos can be used by students, faculty, and the general public to dive into the research and learn from the scientists themselves.

Some of the topics include biofuel production, precipitation, carbon storage,  sustainable seafood, wearable solar cells, El Nino, excrement-powered cars and more. Faculty from all different departments– biology, engineering, law, public health, environmental design, physics, among others– present their ideas and potential solutions.

screenshot UCTV Climate solutions homepage

Screen capture of the UC Climate Solutions Channel home page.

Navigating the UCTV Interface 

Some videos are grouped by their shared concepts, like solutions, policy and research, which are linked on the home page.

Also on the homepage, you can find a short video explaining the “Bending the Curve” report that was published by UC researchers, which describes 10 solutions for stopping the upward curve of climate temperatures caused primarily by human-made greenhouse gases. Dr. V. Ramanathan of the Scripps Institute of Oceanography provides a brief, explanatory summary of the issues that the UC Carbon Initiative attempts to alleviate.

If you are looking for a specific concept, the search box at the the top makes that simple. It will search videos in the whole UCTV archive, not just videos on the Climate Solutions Channel. An advanced search can also search by subject, tag, campus and channel to help find a specific video or browse a certain topic.

The UC Climate Solutions Channel is a great resource for exploring current research on climate-related topics.

By Nicole Block, Climate Communications Student Writer