UC Climate and Sustainability Education Resource Library

The UC Climate and Sustainability Education Resource Library (CSERL) is an online content management system offering community-contributed tools, course curricula, lectures, seminars, podcasts, tutorials, contact information for experts willing to guest lecture, and other learning materials related to carbon neutrality, climate change, and sustainability.

The goal of CSERL is to enable sharing and management of content related to Climate Education by UC faculty and associated staff. Unlike UC Online, which is a student facing online learning platform, CSERL is a faculty-facing portal only.

Beginning in Fall 2016, Student Ambassadors are available at select UC campuses to provide technical assistance and support in the use and operation of the resource library. If you are a UC faculty member and would like assistance with CSERL please contact the Student Ambassador assigned to your campus from the list below. You can click on your Student Ambassador’s name to send them an email.

• UC Berkeley: Amy Craik 
• UC Davis: TBD
• UC Irvine: Michael Leo 
• UC Los Angeles: Eric Witiw
• UC Merced: Andrew John De Los Santos 
• UC Riverside: Evelyn Hurtado-Doppenberg 
• UC Santa Barbara: TBD (in the interim please contact Katie Maynard)
• UC Santa Cruz: Sarah Lummis
• UC San Diego: Sophia Oh
• UC San Francisco: Andrew John De Los Santos

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