Meet UC Climate and Sustainability Faculty Champions

Steve Allison smiles and looks off to the side on a boat

Steve Allison

Meet the Climate Crusader
Sue Carter smiles in her headshot in a greenhouse

Sue Carter

Meet the Carbon Conquerer
Ken Hiltner's headshot

Ken Hiltner

Meet the Environmental Humanities Hero
Mike Dawson smiles in his headshot in his lab

Michael Dawson

Meet the Climate Innovator
Alex Hall smiles in his headshot

Alex Hall

Meet the Global Climate Modeler

Claire Napawan

Meet the Social Media Maverick
Gretchen Hofmann holds a sea urchin out covering part of her face

Gretchen Hofmann

Meet the Climate Communicator

Kristy Kroeker

Meet the Environmental Educator
Kurt Kornbluth shows students how to use a machine in his lab

Kurt Kornbluth

Meet the Carbon Reducer

Mihri Ozkan

Meet the Green Tech Wizard

Robert Pomeroy

Meet the Bio Ninja
Whendee silver smiles in her headshot

Whendee Silver

Meet the Garbage Transformer
Arianne Teherani uses her hands to discuss sustainability

Arianne Teherani

Meet the Climate Health Innovator